With a background in photography and working as a chef in several restaurants, Sander decided to combine the two and specialized himself as a food stylist.

"What's fascinating about this profession is that it's never good enough and that there are always techniques that could be improved or adjusted to get an even better result. Every assignment needs another approach. That in combination with photography and film makes it very inspiring and never boring."

Sander is fascinated by structures and he uses them to give each ingredient its own character. Structures are important in photography but also in film and most certainly in high-speed film. They can just give it that little bit extra; the bending of a leaf of lettuce, crumbs that fall loss from a falling crostini, the bouncing of a falling piece of tomato....

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Sander de Ponti supports S.I.S.P India for years. 

Sebastian Indian Social Projects (S.I.S.P.) is a foundation that supports the local community of  South-West India to provide better economical and social position.

With their Surf Club and Skate Club they make sure that kids have a safe place and are motivated to proceed with their education.

For more information please check:

S.I.S.P. Website
Kovalam Surf Club
Kovalam Skate Club