Sander de Ponti foodstyling is specialized in styling different kinds of coffee. During this process, the crème layer or milk foam is poured separately onto the coffee, according to the wishes of the client. The crème or milk can vary in lightness, structure and thickness. Creating layers in coffee like you’ll find in a latte macchiato, are also one of the possibilities. All these varieties have one thing in common: they stay stable so that it’s possible to adjust and optimize the image during a shoot and to shoot more takes in a row.

Lattiz/Friesland Campina 
Studio M

Wild Bean Café
Hans Hogevorst

L'or Coffee
Chuck Studios

Douwe Egberts
Pop Creative Agency

Piazza D'oro
Pop Creative Agency

Daan Verschuur 

Caffè Perrucci
Remko Kraaijeveld

Pop Creative Agency

Tobias Reymond foto/film